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Do you want to share your article on any new technology, particular product review or anything related with technology? We at Techexpertvision welcome you with an open heart to write for us and become a guest writer at our site. Once you send your article to us we will make sure that the content is published as soon as possible if it passes all the necessary criterions.

A glance at Product Review or Software Review

Product Review is becoming one of the most sought after thing in case any user is going to purchase any kind of article online. Various users who have already used the product tell about the experience of having the product, its advantages or disadvantages or it turned out to be fruitful or just a product. So product review gives a true overview of the product without any manipulation.

How to publish Product or Software Review on our website?

You can write your article in any format be it in pretty paragraphs or containing some bullet points or any other thing. Now send this article to our email address. Here make sure that you are not allowed to publish same article on other blogs. Once the article is received by us we will check it on basis of several points which are discussed here:

  • Fresh content: The product review or content written by you should contain freshness. Now with freshness we mean it should be newsworthy, up-to-date and current in nature which in turn engages users more.
  • Content uniqueness: When it comes to uniqueness, the article or software review written by you should be 100% original, exclusive and should not show any resemblance to other articles. The content should be able to pass plagiarism or copyscape tests.
  • Descriptive content: It should contain the content which is descriptive in nature that is provides all necessary detail about a particular topic. The length of the article should be in range of 500 to 700 words. It should be well written in a way that engages more users.
  • Quality Images: You can also add images to your article to make it more understandable and user-friendly as images portray the information in much more simplified and easier way. It should be kept in mind that the images added should not be arbitrary and must be related with the topic.
  • No Promotional content: While writing the content you make sure that it is not fully promotional. In terms of Product review you can add about the functionality of the product and make it more user-friendly. You can add a reference to a particular product but it should not be totally promotional.
  • There should be no kind of grammatical or typing error in the article.

Note: Apart from product review, you can also write about any helpful tip, error and its solution, free manual method, web technology, mobile technology or any other topic related to technology.

One can contact content[@]techexpertvision.com for publishing content, article, product, software review or for guest posting.


Q: What kind of content we accept?
A: At our website, we welcome any article which is related to technology in some or the way be it web technology or mobile technology. You can write to us about product review, free useful manual methods and tips, error and its solution etc.

Q: What is the accepted content length?
A: Precisely your article should contain 500-700 words.

Q: How much time will be taken to publish the article?
A: Although we adhere to time rule and try to publish it within 2-3 days once it passes all the screening process but in some case it may take more time.

Q: Is there any provision to brand an article?
A: Yes, you can suggest your brand and can provide link to it in our content but make sure that content does not turn out to be a fully promotional one.