Windows 10 Pros and Cons – Are you ready to upgrade?

Noticed that little Windows logo appearing at the right bottom of your computer screen? Welcome to the new world of Windows with Windows 10 being launched by Microsoft on 29th July. Nearly 40 million users have already upgraded to Windows 10. This figure and a number of advertisements showing various new features in Windows 10, flashing on your TV screen daily might be intriguing to make the move by upgrading this latest version. So let’s discuss is it worthy enough to make the move? Is this the right time to upgrade or would you prefer to wait for another couple of months in case you are at ease with your Windows 7 or 8.1 versions?

Windows 10 is bundled with various features which in turn lure customers to update their versions. Foremost feature of this Windows version is that it has again incorporated the previous Start menu which saves us from being forced to that touch screen to access any file or app. Hence it provides a big relief to the users who were annoyed with no Start menu in Windows 8 and 8.1 versions. Another striking feature is Universal app which allows you to run your apps anywhere be it Windows phones, tablets or even xbox. This unified development adjusts apps to different screen sizes and input modes pave a way for PC to Xbox integration. This Windows version also gives you an option to convert your phone or tablet to PC by connecting to keyboard and monitor through its feature ‘Continuum’. User interface of Windows 10 is so adaptive that it really runs through any device.

When it comes to security and safety, Windows 10 scores over its all previous versions with the availability of various features. ‘Windows Hello’ is one such feature which incorporates biometric supported authenticity. It provides much more secure and easy methods of login like facial recognition, iris scan or fingerprint etc when compared to the previous password login system. These passwords are needed to be remembered and changed various times. ‘Device Guard’ is another feature which scores over previous Windows versions while saving your PC from any kind of malware attack. This feature stops loading any application or software to memory in case it is not properly authenticated to run on the computer.

There are also some other prominent features which are described here:

  • For game die-hards it is essential to upgrade as this version brings DirectX12 which brings an ideal 30-40% performance gain over DX11.
  • To enhance multitasking ‘Snap’ feature is provided which enables to view more than one screen at a time. Four screens can be placed at one go and avoids alt-tab back and forth to shift from one to another.
  • A new version of Internet Explorer ‘Edge’ is available which offers fast and elegant design by providing Read Mode which is first for any Microsoft browser.
  • Addition of ‘Cortana’ a voice recognition tool will be useful and looks out to be different. Edge is also integrated with Cortana and will be worth trying for.

With so much available features there are also some problems which are faced by users who have upgraded to this latest version. So it is necessary that we include such points also in our detailed study. Windows 10 reportedly has number of bugs which are left unresolved. So upgradation will bring a hell lot of bugs and for fixing them MS is about to release patches of hefty size (in gigabyte). Consider the bugs these patches will also bring with them. Forced update is another thing which makes it dubious to choose this version. Although these updates are already been tested by a group of Windows Insiders but things are not always as smooth as they look around and hence these mandatory updates cause serious problems. Flexibility concern is also creating nuisance as this is going to be the last operating system which means like on online site it will continue to evolve while still maintaining the same name. This reduces flexibility and everybody will be forced to have exactly the same thing. You will not have the option of which features to be installed or aesthetic changes you want to bring on.

With all these pros and cons described here it is up to the user and his requirements to upgrade or not to the latest version. If these new features are appealing to you, go with this version or if you can wait for sometime then wait for the bugs to be fixed and upgrade with a clean install.

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