A guide to PDF Champ Tool with Features and Benefits

Nowadays, PDF is the trendiest option for storing and exchanging documents. If you want to convert PDF files to image format, you can easily do it using the manual method or software technique.

For PDF files and to make changes in PDF documents as per your suitability, some users look for a software approach. Here we are providing you the solution in the form of PDF Champ.

PDF Champ is one of the most popular applications for managing PDF documents. It is a multi-tasking solution for PDF documents. The software will help you to allow various functionalities on PDF files.

Using this software, you can set or remove security of PDF files, Merge or Split PDF files and can easily convert PDF files to images.

Features of PDF Champ Program

  • Well descriptive software
  • Allow to set password security on PDF file
  • Remove PDF restrictions to edit, copy, & print PDF file
  • Clear preview of PDF files
  • Proper maintenance of data integrity
  • Facility to merge PDF files
  • Facility to split PDF files
  • Invoice creation facility
  • Conversion of PDF files into images
  • Add watermark to Text or Image on PDF documents

Versions available

  1. Free version – The software is free to use with its demo version. You can use only 10 PDF files using the demo version. Apart
    from it, the demo version is identical to the paid version.
  2. License version – This version is not freely available. You need to purchase this. This will help you to access all the functions which are not available in the free version. There is no limit set for PDF files. You can manage unlimited PDF documents with it.

Why not any other method?

If you search for the solutions to manage PDF files, you will not get one foolproof solution that performs several tasks. And manually performing all these tasks might be too lengthy and harmful for PDF files. Therefore, professional has developed third-party software that single-handedly manages all tasks. There is full surety of data safety during these tasks and users require only a few steps to perform the steps with the software.

Various functions available

Once you install the software, the interface provides you various options which are available on the left side of the window. You are free to set security, remove security, add watermark, convert PDF to images, split PDF file, Generate Invoice and merge PDF files.

Set security

Using this option, you can set a password here and check various special features available on the windows per your choice that will help you in setting strong security to your PDF files. You can set an output location to save the required file and click on Generate PDF.

Remove security

Click the locked file and you can easily remove the password and browse an instant location to save the file and click on Generate PDF.

Add Watermark

Using this option, you can add watermark text or image as per your requirement and can set the size, position, opacity to the watermark text/image. Then with the ‘browse’ option, you can easily set an output location for the file. After that, you can generate the PDF file.

Convert PDF to images

You can select the desired PDF file and convert it into the available formats. You need to set an output location to save the converted files and finally, hit ‘convert PDF to image’ option.

Split PDF file

You are free to split PDF files with the number of pages you want to break. You can set the number of pages and then move the cursor to ‘split PDF files’

Generate Invoice

You can easily generate an invoice for your PDF file. It offers you various features such as set date format, add an item, add your logo, etc.

Merge PDF files

Using this option, you are free to merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF which helps in managing PDF files easily. A clear detailing of the files is shown here.

You can easily save the resultant file as per your instructed location.


This is the perfect utility that comes with various options and helps you in easy viewing and managing PDF file. PDF Champ is all-in-one solution for managing PDF files. With this program, one can easily manage PDF files without any trouble. There is full surety of data safety with this tool. The application does not harm any database. You can try the free trial of this application before applying for the license version. This will help
you in judging the utility. In case of any queries, we have a 24*7 customer support team that will assist users at every step.