Enable “Send to Mail Recipient” Option in Excel and Word 2016

With the availability of more often used processes as icons on our toolbar has not only saved our time but also made the task much easier. But when it comes to sending a particular file of MS Excel or Word on which you are working, we don’t have “Send to Mail Recipient” option available on quickly access toolbar. However, by customising this quickly access toolbar we can enable the “Send to Mail Recipient” option in order to quickly mail the documents.

Steps to enable “Send to Mail Recipient” Option:

  1. Click on the down arrow which appears on the extreme right side of quickly access toolbar.
  2. A drop down menu will appear. Here select the ‘More Command’ option.
  3. New pop-up window ‘Word Options’ will appear. Go to the ‘Customize’ option of it.
  4. Here click on the drop down menu available for ‘Choose commands from’. Select ‘All Commands’ under it.
  5. From the box select ‘Send to Mail Recipient’. Then click on ‘Add’.
  6. Click on ‘OK’ and you will find the icon added to your quick access toolbar.

Important Notes:

Above described steps when followed properly will enable the option of “Send to Mail Recipient” but there are few points which are to be kept in mind. These are:

  • In case there is no default email client set, then clicking on “Send to Mail Recipient” option will not result in anything. So set an email client by going to ‘Control Panel’. Under it, go to ‘Programs’, then select ‘Default Programs’ and finally on ‘Set Default Programs’.
  • Also keep in mind the version of Outlook and Excel or Word you are using, as difference in version would result on following error when you click on “Send to Mail Recipient” option: “Excel could not start the email program”.

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