Review of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery on External Drive

In 2012, I purchased a MacBook Pro with 500 GB of storage space. I soon realized the storage space was insufficient. As I was generating huge size digital images & videos that required an external drive. Over the years, my requirement of external drives increased, and I kept adding more drives to my collection.

This year things started badly for me, I lost a lot of data as my external hard drive crashed. However, I was able to retrieve some data as I had created an image backup of the external drive. If I didn’t create an image backup, I would have lost years of my hard work. Therefore, I decided to test a data recovery software that can come handy in situations when data loss occurs.

For the purpose of testing, I used my WD Elements 1 TB portable external hard drive. I had uploaded 1 GB of dummy content (mostly Photos & Videos) inside the storage device prior formatting. Once the drive was formatted, I tested the software.

Note: After you identify the requirement for a Mac data recovery software, stop using the hard drive immediately as new data might overwrite on the existing one, thereby making the recovery impossible.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional

The latest update for this Mac data recovery software was last year, after the release of macOS High Sierra. So, this software is updated to support the latest macOS. The primary function of the software is to recover deleted data (which include all formats of photos, videos, documents, email, and more), deleted partitions, lost Time Machine backups, formatted external hard drives, and encrypted storage devices.

After formatting the external hard drive, I installed the software.

The first look at the software was amazing. It is always great to use a software that has a highly intuitive interface. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional was so easy to use that it can be operated by individuals with minimum knowledge of computer operation. I instantly knew where to navigate.

Mac data recovery - customize your scan

After running the software, I was presented with Select What To Recover Interface. Here, I can choose to recover files of a particular format or select everything for recovery. Selecting a particular extension may speed up the recovery process. I chose photos and videos.

Recover data from Mac external hard drive

Once the recovery options were selected, I chose the location of the drive to recover data. In situations, when the hard drive is excessively corrupted, Deep Scan feature can be toggled on. This feature of the software conducts a thorough scan of the drive to better recover data.

data recovery scan on Mac drive

You can also preview files scanned by the software in real-time. Although, I found that turning off this option speeded up the scanning process and subsequent recovery.

Mac external hard drive recovery

After the scanning was complete, the software listed all the data on the drive including the formatted data. The lists were displayed in a tree structure with the option to view Classic List, File List, and Deleted List. The deleted list contained all the video & audio files that were lost from the formatted drive.

Mac data recovery preview

You can also preview files before recovery by double-clicking on them.

Successful Mac external hard drive recovery

Once I identified the files to recover, I selected a location within my Mac and clicked Recover. The recovery process began and I could see new files accumulating in my selected drive.

Final Take

External drives are essential for a Mac user. It is used to store important data, but external drives data can get deleted. In such a circumstance, you should leverage a data recovery software before deciding to reuse the external hard drive. In my test of the software, I found that Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is extremely easy to use and a perfect companion for all my data recovery needs. The Deep scan feature takes a little longer time, but it’s understandable as the software conducts an exhaustive scan of the external drive. To sum it up, $99 is worth compared to the value the software offers.

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