How to resolve the inability problem to delete apps in iPhone or iPad?

Users of iPhone or iPad experience a common problem when they cannot delete applications which one want to. On tapping and holding the screen to delete a particular app, an ‘X’ sign which represents to delete does not appear in the upper left corner of icon as it usually does. Various reasons are there because of which such problem occurs. Take a look on following resolutions and get away with deleting apps problem.

Method I: The most common issue which mainly appears with deleting apps problem from iPhone is the pressure with which the tap is made. So while using an iPhone, make sure that you are lightly touching and holding the app icon. By doing this, an ‘X’ should appear on the upper left corner of icon. Press the ‘Home’ button after you are done with this.

Method II: It has been found that deleting application problem is very common with the ‘Yelp’ app. Two icons appear on your home screen with this ‘Yelp’ app out of which one can be deleted easily and the other can’t be deleted and creates such an issue. This could be resolved by pressing and holding Sleep/Wake button till an option ‘Slide to power off’ appears on screen. Power off your device with this option. Again after 15 seconds, power on the device. Check if the icon disappeared or the problem still persists.

Method III: Another reason possible for this issue is restriction setting which might have accidentally set and then forgotten about. To resolve it follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Select ‘General’ option under it.
  3. Now select ‘Restrictions’.
  4. It will ask for a password, enter the password details and proceed further.
  5. Allow deleting apps by setting ‘On’ (it will turn green) in ‘Deleting Apps’.

Following these methods you would be able to delete applications from iPhone or iPad.

Note: It is not to be forgotten that ‘X’ may not appear for the apps which are built into your operating system. These apps like Notes, Calendar etc are permanently stored in your iOS and hence can not be deleted.

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