Ecommerce Web V/S Mobile App – How to Choose?

In this digital world, it is essential to know the efficient way to browse or search for a particular product. You can either achieve this with the help of an e-commerce website or through mobile apps. But which is the best out of these two? In the present world, around 50% of people use mobile phones to carry out their e-commerce operations. Mobile usage has raised these days very dramatically, and they have brought a significant change since the past years. Before this, mobile was a research device, and today it is a purchase device. Present business strategies need to go for mobile apps to develop their business. However, it is quite confusing to modify your business to mobile in technical and marketing terms.

Are apps more popular than websites?

In the technological world, it is quite challenging to choose between a website and an app to promote a business. You need both phases for business promotion so that you have the right results as expected. Before you go for a website or an app, you need to understand the mobile app vs. the website.

  • Mobile Website: A mobile website is designed in a form such that it is optimized for mobile devices. The essential features that a mobile site must include in it are tiny font size, fewer pages, and less white space. An e-commerce website is designed to sell at the priority. Shoppers like to visit different sites using different devices and screens.
  • Mobile App: A mobile app is accessed with the help of the Internet. A mobile app may use some of the native features for the developers to bring better changes and fast experiences.
Use of Mobile Website VS Mobile App

According to the new search made, around 90% of the time spent on mobiles is on the apps. 10% of the total time spent is for the browser. In the case of e-Commerce, the facts are even more vast. For the mobile app users, they usually pay around 201.8 minutes in one month on shopping sites and 10.9 minutes per month for browsing the Internet.

What is the preference of a user? Is it a mobile app or website?

Consider yourself as a consumer and then think about how much time you spend on the mobile apps VS website.

As per the survey conducted, people usually prefer using apps rather than the website. According to the research, mobile apps help to perform a close deal with their consumers. Using an app, people who are planning for online shopping can view four times more products than using a website.

Apps encourage people to purchase a product. The rate of purchase from mobile than a desktop is around 1.5 times more.
Why people go for using an app rather than a website? How they differentiate for Native app VS Web App?

  • Apps boost up speed
  • It has extra features display
  • Apps will display some special offers
  • The better user experience with apps usage
Native app VS Web app? Which is the best?
  • Pros of a Mobile Website If you are planning something for marketing or performing the communications, then using a mobile website will make a sense of it. Because in this case, the mobile site has better advantages than the other apps. Mobile sites provide better compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility.
    • Cost-Effective To create a native app for eCommerce, you would require some extra money. Mobile sites help in providing such solutions to your problems.
    • Accessibility A mobile website is easy to access from any device while mobile apps are not. You need not download a website on your phone, and it will not even utilize the phone space and loaded anytime and anywhere.
    • SEO This is the primary feature of any website to promote. If you use a keyword, tags, images, videos, etc. on your site, then it will bring high ranking and high traffic on your website. If a customer searches for the best business, then Google will show your site as the first and preferred searches.
  • Cons of Mobile apps
    • Slow loading It is tough to load responsive websites. An e-Commerce website will have videos and images, which mean more time to load them. 70% of the website users have stated this issue.
    • Cannot access them offline The Internet is the essential requirement for a website to load. If you want to see new products, then you need the Internet to load them. These websites cannot function with offline means. That means many customers even stop using these sites after some time.
    • Need maintenance e-commerce websites have checked the patience of many high-end skilled workers with a constant rate of support. Thus, you need to keep images and videos of the products optimized to have better traffic. SEO is the essential requirement, and the website needs full-time promotion. Thus, you need to hire different teams for maintenance. Therefore, it costs a lot for the merchants.

These were the facts explained for web app VS mobile app.

Why should you choose a mobile app?

When a company is looking to promote a business, then they will surely need a web designing company to provide you a website. It is something different from giving access to a website using a mobile device. The best benefit of using a mobile site is for optimal view on tablets and other mobile devices.

Here comes the use of mobile apps now. Applications for mobile are easy to run and thus use the latest technologies like ATML5, jQuery, and other devices. Also, it includes the use of CSS and JavaScript for the front end design. These are compatible to use with any smartphone, and thus, it easy to showcase your work. Below are some advantages of Mobile Apps:

  • Product pre-purchase
  • Quick and Flexible
  • Extensive consumer base
  • You can choose the right pattern for business
Final Words

These e-commerce app VS website statistics go hand in hand. Both have the best solutions with complement. There are many other areas while you make a final decision. While you finalize something, either a website or a mobile app development for your business, then you must keep many things in your mind regarding goals, budget, and the audience you want them to visit your site.