How to Recover Deleted Data from External Hard Drives?

A hard disk is a vital part of computer hardware. We use hard disk drives to store our frequently used and primary content. Despite modern computers are reliable users still losing their crucial information? Highly expensive computer hardware and utterly reliable software cannot guarantee failure resistance to someone’s laptop or computer. A hard disk is a vital part of computer hardware. We use hard disk drives to store our frequently used and primary content.

Data loss means the inability to access data due to errors in hardware or software or due to mishandling by users.

There are top 4 causes of data loss a person encounters, and a person can recover the data based on the following loss:

  • Hardware or system malfunctions According to statistics, more than two-fifth of the data loss occurs due to hardware or system malfunctions. This hardware and system malfunction can happen due to electrical failure, head crash, controller failure.
    Solution To avoid them, keep your device in the areas which are dust-free. Choose a low traffic location.
  • Human Errors Human errors are the most common forms of data loss as a person performs delete operation on a file, thinking that he doesn’t need it or drops his device by accident.
    Solution Choose a low traffic location for your device and be cautious while you are deleting or formatting a necessary file from your system.
  • Software Corruption A person is editing a document, and all of a sudden, an error pops up on the window, causing a system to shut down. It happens due to diagnostic tools or some software taking up too much memory.
    Solution Save your documents while you are editing them and use diagnostic utilities with caution.
  • Natural Disasters Statistics reveal 3 percent of data loss is due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods.
    Solution Store the data in cloud storage such as Google or I-cloud. One can use another storage device for use.

There are various ways to recover deleted data due to own negligence or system failures they are as follows:

  1. Launch Disc Drill Download disc drill software to recover deleted data from windows. Launch disc drills from your laptop or computer. The software restores the size of the file up to 500 Mb.
  2. Select the drive and recovery type List where you want to store deleted data from the above drives options. The disc drill will begin searching deleted data with the best available scanning options.
  3. Recover Deletion From Recycle Bin The recycle bin is software that stores deleted files temporarily, and one can search his files there. Files and folders deleted by operating systems are in the recycle bin. One can restore the data on the original location of the hard disk. Large files cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin and will cause a permanent deletion.
  4. Restore Previous Version of File or Folder There are steps to restore the previous version of file or folder:
    • Open File Explorer.
    • Search the file or folder you are willing to recover.
    • Right, click on the previous restore version.
    • Select the version you want to recover from the available options.
    • Click the restore button and recover data.
  5. Restore from Backup media Connect your device to an external storage device to perform backups. It can be a physical device or a cloud. This method gives the older version of data that might fulfill your requirements.
  6. Understand Hard Drive recovery is the job of professionals Due to the complex structure of hard drive, one is unable to recover hard drive unless one has a background in electronics. Hand Over the device to professional repair service. One can get assistance from online file data recovery services.

Which is the best hard disc drive recovery software?
  • A person is looking for software he can type the results on Google and will come across various results. See which software is suitable in your case.
  • Here is a list of things which helps you decide the suitable software:
  • Compatibility with your current system.
  • Is it easy to use for hard disk recovery?
  • Is it affordable and gives a complete refund.
  • Receiving online support
  • Recovering Quality.

In order to keep the data safe, there is a need to have a second copy of it. Install an anti-malware tool in your computer as data loss may occur due to viruses and malware. Restart operation must be performed once in a day. Make sure that the system is upgraded and not overheated. The above-stated solutions can help you recover deleted data with ease and in a hassle freeway. Different recovery modes have been designed to meet your different needs, give them a try, and save yourself from problems.

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