Best Programming Languages to Develop Productive Mobile Apps

The human race is trying to keep up with the evolution of technology. The breakthrough of the internet happened back in 1983, which has helped in making our lives easier and more efficient. With the help of this evolution, we can now carry out most of our tasks within the matter of a few minutes.

Technological advancements can sometimes be troublesome, but society is handling it at its best. People are coming up with newer, more advanced ideas every day. The implementation of these creative and innovative thoughts has made the world enter a more digitized version than it was before.

Technology is evolving, so is society. Developers from all walks of life are coming together, making continuous efforts to have the best use of technological advancement, in order to make the lives of people a lot easier.

Evolution of Smartphones

From simple to smart, smartphones have tremendously changed over a decade. From those small flat screens with tons of buttons, we now have huge curved touch screens with splashes of colours. Available in all sizes, cuts, and shades, these hand-held devices have made communication easier and faster from time to time.

People are becoming aware of this smart device and the enormous amount of benefits it offers. Mobile phones are mostly used for communication purposes. Be it the communication among family members, relatives, friends, or business owners, who communicates with clients and employees via mobile applications.

Mobile Application Development

Uses of Mobile Applications have expanded to a whole new level. People use mobile applications for several purposes, including business, education, health, and home services. They are being used today in all aspects.

Moreover, businesses are taking huge advantage of this growing industry. Developers are hired by companies to make their mobile applications. People are getting all the facilities they couldn’t even think of in the early 90s on their fingertips. It has made it easier for companies to communicate with their customers through these applications. Also, customers find it easy to buy their favourite products and fetch the lowest prices on their favourite items within minutes.

Mobile Application development needs programmers who have a good knowledge of the industry and the technicalities that are involved. Companies are always on a lookout for professional mobile app development agency/agencies, having a team of experts. These experts have a sound knowledge of programming languages needed to build an application.

A programmer needs to choose which programming language to begin with. It is one of the most crucial steps in every programmer’s life. A developer can be innovative, but he has to have a platform to show his innovation.

Programming Languages

A vast variety of programming languages have been introduced in the market. Every language comes up with its pros and cons. Language selection mostly depends on the programmer’s requirements and skills. In the list of requirements, the choice of the operating system is the first one. Every operating system has separate functionalities and supports different frameworks.

Following is the list of some programming languages that are used to develop productive mobile applications:

  1. Java
    When Android app development is to be done, Java is the first and the best option a developer looks up to. It is an object-oriented language. It can be run in a virtual machine or a browser window. Below is the list of advantages of choosing Java:
    ✔ It is one of the easiest languages because of its simple syntax.
    ✔ It is platform-independent.
    ✔ Java is considered as a flexible language that allows the re-use of code, and it is machine-independent too.
    ✔ It has standard open-source libraries.
    Hence, Java is best to use while developing desktop applications and Android applications.
  2. Swift
    It is the most powerful programming language, which is very easy to learn when it comes to iOS application development. It is used for developing macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux. Developers tend to prefer swift because it solves many Objective-C bugs.
    Following are features that make Swift one of the best:
    ✔ Swift is a secure programming language that prevents cyber-attacks.
    ✔ It does not require much coding, which makes it more like a go-to option for developers.
    ✔ Its execution speed is faster than many other languages.
    ✔ Swift is an open-source language.
    Therefore, Swift is considered as a first-class language. Swift developers are the currently highly paid developers in the US, and it is expected that in the near future, Google will also adopt Swift. This massive change in the mobile application market will also increase the demand for swift developers.
  3. Kotlin
    Kotlin is a new programming language that has attracted many developers because of its simple and concise syntax. Its structure is pretty much similar to Java, but it has more advanced features that make it better between the two. Kotlin supports all Integrated Development Environments (IDE), including Android Studio. Developers prefer Kotlin as it is a modern statically types programming language which tends to increase the productivity of an application. It can also be compiled with JS source code. Bug detection is trouble-free in Kotlin because it is a clear and easy language.The only drawback of this newly popular programming language is that it does not have much learning sources yet.
  4. JavaScript
    JavaScript is a high-level interpretable programming language. It supports object-oriented and functional programming. It is primarily a language run by web browsers that are used to develop and control web pages.

    Developers choose to work with JavaScript because:
    ✔ Its code can be re-used many times.
    ✔ JavaScript is an open-source language which makes it accessible to a broader market.
    ✔ It is easy to learn and simple to use.
    The biggest advantage that JavaScript offers is that it develops cross-platform applications using the React Native framework developed by Facebook. Such applications are developed once and can be operated on different operating systems, most preferably, Android and iOS. In this way, JavaScript is a cost-effective programming language which needs a shorter time to develop and deploy.
  5. C#
    It is a general-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft. C# is a multi-paradigm language. It uses “Xamrin” platform to create applications for iOS and Android both. Xamarin is a tool which makes it simple and less complicated for developers to use C sharp as their programming medium. Some of the features of C sharp are:
    ✔ It is object-oriented.
    ✔ It has access to the .NET framework.
    ✔ It is a simple, easy to use language.
    The best part about C sharp is that it can be used to create server applications, games, web services and mobile applications. C# is supported by Unity3D, which makes it the most suitable choice while developing a game.
  6. HTML 5
    HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. Its 5th version has come up with rich media support and creation of applications that can easily interact with user’s local data. It is mainly used for web-based mobile application development. HTML5 cannot be used to program alone; it is either paired up with JavaScript or CSS to create a mobile application. HTML5 also helps with embedded audios and videos. It is a flexible language and supports Android and iOS development. It also follows the strategy of coding once and using that same source code on multiple devices.
  7. Objective-C
    Objective-C is more like an updated version of C with some additional features. Its main use is in the development of macOS and iOS operating systems. Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language, i.e. it includes the concept of classes and objects. Its key feature is that it allows the message-passing among objects. Developers fear that Swift might replace Objective-C, but this won’t be easy because Objective-C has already gained popularity among people.
  8. Python
    Python is the most simple, easy, readable language. It is a high-level programming language used to develop web application and mobile applications. It is mainly designed for general purposes. Developers can make applications using Python because it is capable of running on different operating systems.

Currently, Python is that one programming language which is being taught at school level as well as it is not at all complex and has several uses in real life.


Mobile Application development has become a trend, and every developer is in a race to get to the top in the industry. The level of creativity in the development has also increased where everyone has joined the race of coming up with fresh ideas.

While developing, choosing a programming language is the first choice a developer has to make. It might get confusing if the programmer doesn’t have enough knowledge about the mobile programming world. The choice of the best language depends on the operating system, which has to be worked upon. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of all the highly productive mobile application development programming languages, a developer analyzes his needs and requirements, makes a satisfactory decision, and uses the best of his skills to develop the application.