Simply Combine Multiple PST Files in Outlook 2019, 2016, & 2013

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email program for Windows users. It has been very popular among users due to its simplified interface and security features. Both business and individual users prefer using Microsoft Outlook.

With several PST files, it becomes tough to manage PST files. The task becomes tough and complex for users. Therefore, users need a proper solution to manage your valuable data. Apart from this, there are various reasons to merge Outlook PST files. In this article, we are going to guide you through the methods of combining Outlook PST files.

Why merge Outlook PST files?

Usually, PST files are combined to easily manage them. Along with this, you can get multiple benefits such as –

  • To avoid accidental deletion of data
  • To avoid opening every file one by one
  • To avoid sharing of files one by one which is too-lengthy
How to combine multiple PST files of Microsoft Outlook?

Combining multiple PST files using the manual solution is really complex and tiresome. Plus, it also requires technical expertise. Therefore, to combine Outlook PST files in a simple manner, find the methods discussed here.

  1. Create a blank PST file
  2. Import Outlook data to newly created PST file

Steps to create a new PST file

  • Start and Run Microsoft Outlook application
  • Go to new items > More items > Outlook data file
  • Choose a path to save the file, name it and then click OK
  • New PST file gets created

Steps to import Outlook data to new PST file

Now, you need to transfer the data of old PST file into a newly created Outlook data file. For this, go through the steps –

  • Open MS Outlook and click on File tab
  • Choose Open & Export > Import/Export
  • Select Import from another program and click Next
  • Choose Outlook data file (.pst) and hit Next button
  • Choose the PST file that you want to import
  • Select the folders that you need to import
  • Finally, click Finish

In this way, importing data of old Outlook file to new PST file gets completed without any problems. But the main issue is you need to repeat the same steps to import all old PST files into new PST file. In this way, the process becomes tough and complicated for users.

Want to combine PST file in Outlook in an instant manner?

As we have stated above that manual method needs repetition of steps to combine Outlook PST files. Plus, proper attention is required to implement the method otherwise, your valuable data may be lost or damaged.

Thus, to save money and time, we prefer you to choose a professional solution and Softaken Merge PST Software is one such effective solution that enables quick and smart merging of multiple Outlook files.

The software offers you numerous advanced features due to which the merging PST file task becomes so smooth. Let us check the features of this application here –

  • Merge complete data of MS Outlook
  • Merge selected items like tasks, contacts, journals, calendars, etc.
  • Option to add entire folder of PST
  • Preview all added items before merging
  • Suitably work with all versions of MS Outlook
  • Friendly wizard for easy understanding
  • No harm to the original database and quality of files
  • Demo version to judge the software
  • No size restrictions, allow every large size PST file
  • Supportive to ANSI and UNICODE PST file
Step by step guide to merge PST files with Softaken Merge PST Tool

Only a few steps are there to combine PST files of MS Outlook with the software. Go through the mentioned steps to complete the PST file merging task.

  1. Start the software

    The first step is to download Merge PST software by Softaken on any Windows operating system. It will consume a few seconds to open the software after installing it.

  2. Adding PST files

    You will find two options to add PST files to the software panel.
    Multiple PST – With this option, you can add PST file one by one from various locations.
    Folder option – This option helps you to add a folder of PST containing various PST files.
    Choose any option and then hit the Browse button to load PST files to the software panel.

  3. Choose merge options

    Now, it’s time to choose merge options. Here you can select items to merge and also ignore empty folders.

  4. Specify the output location

    Use the Browse button and provide a location of your system to save the resultant PST file.

  5. Start Merging process

    Click on Start Merging Now and this will start combining PST files into a single PST file.

Final Verdict

Once you read this post, you will find two different ways to combine multiple PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and others. If you a few PST files and you are technically sound then we can go with manual solution otherwise use Softaken Merge PST Tool which has been tested by professionals, therefore, provide you a smart, instant and safe solution for combining Outlook PST files. You can go through the trial mode before taking the license.

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