Backup Emails into Local Machine

Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email client used to access Microsoft exchange server email. It is used as a standalone application but is a part of Microsoft office suite.

  • is similar to the desktop version of Outlook in function. It is slightly different from Outlook.
  • is a free web-based email service provided by Microsoft. Outlook is the best choice for corporate email client due to the following reasons –
    • Easy organization of emails and all assets with Outlook
    • Outlook offers integrated calendars, tasks etc
    • Outlook has perfect security

There are two ways to export to various email clients-

  1. Manual approach
    • Click on File > Import and Export
    • Choose export to a file and click Next
    • Choose a personal folder (.pst) and click Next
    • Select the folder you want to export and click Next
    • Choose a location to store the exported file and click Finish
  2. Software Approach
    When we go to software approach, there are various Outlook Backup software on the internet. However, it is quite difficult to decide the best among them. Softaken backup software is a significant tool to export to various email clients. It is the best utility to swiftly export whole emails, their components and attachments to Outlook and various email clients. It is a cloud based application that works smoothly on all window versions.

Features of Backup Tool

  • Swift migration of email files and attachments
  • Contacts are easily exported
  • Powerful cloud-based application
  • Specific database can be exported
  • Export to PST/MSG/EML/EMLX and MSG
  • Proper quality maintenance

Procedure to export to PST and other file formats

Simply download the software from the site –

Install it properly and launch it in your operating system. After that, you have to follow some simple steps to execute the whole task.

  1. Provide Hotmail email address and password
    You need to provide Hotmail account details – email address and password to connect with Hotmail account.
    Once you provide the credentials and click on ‘connect to my Hotmail account’. The software will access all the emails of your Hotmail account.

  2. Selection of folders to export
    The next window which is opened here will ask you to select a folder to export. You can select a particular folder to export from Hotmail account.
  3. Choose export options
    You will get various options to export – EML/EMLX/MSG/MBOX/PST
  4. Set an Output directory
    In the 4th step, move your cursor to ‘browse’ option to select the desired output directory. This will help you in easy access of exported files.
  5. End Now
    This is the last step where you have to click only ‘process now’ button and the export process gets started. This will take very less time.

Both the methods are right that will provide successful results to you. Manual method is generally helpful for a small amount of data. This seems to be lengthy as well whereas the software approach is fast and reliable and is capable to export a large number of data files.

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