iPhone Battery and Motherboard Problems with Remedies

Your iPhone must be safe in your hand, but eventually, it starts troubling you because these devices will wear down. The delicacy and high-cost of iPhones demand natural care. But in case of accidental damage or any other service issue, you can either contact the Apple Store (if the iPhone gets damaged during the warranty period for free repair), but if the iPhone doesn’t get warranty benefits, then you must look for the authorized service centers for a satisfactory replacement.

As you make use of your iPhone, it can face many issues such as battery damage or motherboard damage which can happen due to extensive use. To fix the iPhone issues, you must look for a service provider which can repair your iPhone to work as it is functioning now. That means you need to check the working of your iPhone after a repair in terms of its speed, performance and display features. Apple provides inbuilt security and other features with its devices. While repair, ensure that such features don’t get hampered.

Battery Repair of iPhone

  • Before taking it to the store, check the following to ensure that your iPhone battery is damaged and requires a replacement:

Check Your Battery Stats

  • Some apps can be real battery hogs, and they must be consuming your iPhone battery each day. Open the Settings > Battery, and scroll down to Battery Usage. Check which apps have been taking the maximum share of your battery’s life continuously? Do you need to remove the unwanted apps?

A quick scan of battery usage shows the apps consuming battery. So you can make less use of such apps to protect your iPhone’s battery.

If your Mail app is consuming battery in the background, check the data usage to fetch new data. Just open Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Now, turn off server “push” updates from here.

Check Background App Activity

Open Settings, navigate over to App Refresh. Here you view the apps which are nibbling away at your battery life. Many apps consume WI-Fi usage.
To save on those battery percentages, you can either turn off Background App Refresh all-together or be more strategic to allow apps to refresh in background.

Remedies for iPhone Battery Issues

Calibrate the Battery

If the battery is getting discharged after short intervals of time, start calibrating your battery.

iPhone batteries have a built-in digital calibration tool. These “smart batteries” reduce the need to calibrate. Take your battery down to 0% until it gets switched off. Then let it charge back to 100% without any disturbance. That’s it. The process enables you to measure battery performance.

Get a battery pack or case

With the aging battery of iPhone, opt for a battery pack. Sure, they can be a little bulky, but they can be instant boosters for your iPhone battery issue. Look for a model based battery case so that the internal damage does not happen.

Replace the battery

Finally, with all these solutions, the iPhone battery starts hanging, and it gets clumsy to operate the iPhone. In such cases, you must take it to the service center to get the battery replaced. Ensure a good quality battery to resume the original working of the iPhone.

Motherboard Issues of iPhones

The motherboard is the central part of iPhones. Each iPhone has a specific device model and them not interchangeable. Also, motherboard repair is the most costly repairing. In most of the case, we opt for a replacement rather than repair. But to extend the life of your iPhone’s motherboard, take the following precautions:

  • Avoid overcharging and overheating of iPhone
  • Prevent your iPhone from moisture or water
  • Rooting, installing applications demanding hardware changes in the configuration must be done carefully
  • Avoid any breakage of the screen or any other part but in case it happens, take it to repair immediately
  • Don’t use the local chargers and external devices to secure your iPhone.

In most of the iPhones, the motherboard gives adequate signals before it suddenly stops working.

  • After battery replacement also, your iPhone is experiencing the sudden shutdown.
  • iPhone shuts on and off and does not allow to open any app.
  • After removal of your memory card, the iPhone still does not work.
  • The motherboard controls so many elements of your iPhone that it will stop the working of the motherboard if it gets spoiled.

Methods to Fix Damaged Motherboard

Repairing and replacement of motherboard is not something which you can try on your own.

Remember, it takes a millisecond for sparking near the iPhone to get it damaged completely. iPhone is not a static device. iPhone’s motherboard has small parts which can get spoiled with a single touch, and it is not easy to fix them.

So, to get the motherboard of your iPhone repaired, visit a service center near your location to get it fixed. You can even go for online consultation. While giving it for a repair, you should take note of these two factors:

  • Repair Time: Setting the iPhone motherboard is a tedious repair and takes time. iPhone motherboard repairs can choose from as little as a few hours to more than seven days.
  • Repair Price: The prices of iPhone motherboard repair depend on the exact amount of damage on your particular device.

Consider these two factors and then choose a service center. Look for a service center which can provide immediate repairing at affordable prices. Also, they should offer a warranty for the part replaced. Make sure that original parts are used for replacement, maintaining the sensitivity and sophistication of operations. iPhone touch is the most sensitive part. Make sure that the touch is not spoiled and it is working in the same way!

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