The Five Highly Recommended Procedures To Recover A Corrupt MS Excel Sheet Or Books

Microsoft Excel is one of the widely used features of Microsoft Office suit. Excel is primarily used for storing as well as managing data. Data in an MS Excel can be stored in both graphical and text forms. The necessity for storing data or having a documented back up is felt by numerous colleges, offices, institutions, and many such other places.

Excel Files Getting Corrupt

However, like any other computer software, files, and applications, excel files tend to get corrupt. A file gets corrupted under many circumstances, like if one forgets to save the file after a working session, or if the computer is attacked by viruses and malwares, or a sudden power cut while working, etc.One doesnot have to lose hope if an MS Excel file gets corrupted. There are a number of ways to recover/repair a corrupted file.

Recovery/Repair of Excel Files

The most highly recommended as well as commonly used techniques for recovering an Excel file are mentioned below –

In-built Microsoft Office Tool Application –

Excel files have an extension “xlsx”. Now, if such files while opening encounters error, one should primarily try recovering it using MS Office Tools.

Steps involved are –

  • Go to the start menu in the left-hand corner of the task bar, and then click on All Programs
  • All Programs >Microsoft Office folder> Microsoft Tools> Microsoft Office Application Recovery>Microsoft Office Excel > Recover application.
  • The computer shall prompt for “send report to Microsoft” and click send.

Use Excel itself to recover xlsx files (exact guide for versions below Office 2007) –

Excel has an in-built feature to manually recover a file.

  • Open the corrupted excel file.
  • File > Open > select the file to be repaired > from the dropdown menu just beside the “Open” option choose “Open and Repair” > repair.

Manually Disable “Automatic Calculation” Option –

If the above recommended steps are up to no good then-

  • Click on Microsoft Excel Icon and open a new page
  • File > Option > Calculation > Manual > Ok

Sometimes excel can open a corrupt file if the automation calculation option is disabled.

To Recover The Macros Form The Corrupted File –

If all the above 3 steps fail to repair an excel file then follow this step (step by step guide for versions lower than Office 2007).

  • Open a new excel page.
  • Apply step 3 as mentioned above to the new file.
  • Click Tools option > Security > High.
  • Now open the xlsx file that needs to be repaired. On opening, the file will show “Macros disabled”

SYLK Method Of Recovering Data –

If the “recover macros” do not work in the favor of opening the corrupted file then you can covert the xlsx file into SYLK format (Symbolic Link) by –

  • Open the corrupted excel sheet > File > Save as > (*.slk) > name the file > Save.
  • Alternatively, if the excel sheet has multiple sheets within then- Corrupted excel sheet > File > Save as > (*.slk) > name the file > Save > Ok > Yes.

Running a recovery program or a software –

In case all the 5 mentioned techniques to recover a corrupted file fails then the only option left is to use high-end recovery software or running an html program to recover the file.

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