Quick Guide to Know the Reasons behind the Backup File Corruption

Keeping Backup of our confidential data is the best-proven habit for every business related person. This helps them to have the full control over their data but, What if when Backup File corruption takes place and all its crucial data get corrupt?

No doubt that backup file stores our complete database which is very important for us but on the contrary these files are very much prone to corruption too. The backup file plays a vital role in a professional life as it helps to restore the data during the time of data loss or when data become inaccessible. So here we are in a dilemma of storing files. Hence to deal with this, here I am writing you a quick guide to know about the facts and figures or reasons due to which we face Backup File Corruption.

Are you facing the same problem? Do you want to know, why your backup file is corrupted? Then Keep reading..

  1. Virus Attack: Virus is a small program which gets automatically generated in the computer system. These programmed files can corrupt or damage any particular file, folder or the entire sector of the system, depending upon its accessibility.
  2. The crash of Hard Disk: When the entire Hard disk gets crashed then all the files it includes will also get damaged. And backup files are mostly saved in the hard disk, by this BKF file corruption takes place.
  3. Sudden Shutdown of the System: Sometimes system get powered off and you are not having power backup then the files, folders, and application which are open before shutdown get automatically corrupted.
  4. Catalog File is Missing: Backup files details and description is included in catalog files such as file size and location. If Catalog file is missing then, definitely it becomes a possible reason for Backup File Corruption.
  5. CRC Failure: CRC is the short name given for Cyclic Redundancy Check. The CRC error comes up during the time when you tries to open corrupted files and wants to restore the corrupt or damaged file on the system.

These are the common reasons for which Backup files get corrupt and become unreadable for the further user. Now, what is to be done to repair Backup file? Backup file corruption can be resolved by using any third party software.

Software to Repair Backup File Corruption

To be true there are many software and Tools on the market to restore a backup file. But BKF Recovery Tool is the best-proven tool which recovers and repair the backup files in no time. It can easily execute the recovery of EDB files, STM files, and even LOG files. I am mentioning this tool over here because this is widely compatible with all major versions of Windows-based Operating System and in today’s scenario millions of people are using Windows on their desktop. The best part is it can be used by any computer novice person without any extra effort.


I will enclose my piece of knowledge here by my final words. Guys Prevention is better than cure, so if you can avoid the reasons which are mentioned above then you won’t need any tool to get back your backup files. Backup file corruption can be avoided by preserving your data file in the removable hard disk safely.

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