Top Key Reasons or Mistakes Responsible for Inaccessibility of Saved Outlook Passwords

Users often get crunch between situations when they have not saved the Outlook password and therefore, face the issue of retyping the password again and again. Sometimes due to work pressure, user forgets the required password and even after number of trials, the access to Outlook is denied. But, you would find it quite strange that an individual is not every time responsible for missing the required passwords. Sometimes there are other reasons that simply makes user worry about missing password.

Most of the time, system professionals try to explain the other reasons, but research and proper studies has shown that following are actual and most prominent factors responsible for such event.

  1. Faulty Authentication Settings This is the most common reason that materializes such occurrence. There are more than 60% chances that security has been compromised through Exchange Server. To reset the Authentication settings, user has to navigate Settings ->More Settings ->Security Tab ->Logon Network Security ->Negotiate Authentication. Once user is reached to this point, new password could be provided, but make sure thatAlways prompt for username and password option is not selected.
  2. Damaged DPAPI Folder Most Outlook users save their authentic data in DPAPI. However, there are instances when DPAPI data gets corrupt and DPAPI does not save the data anymore. Since DPAPI codes come within Outlook codes, the end user has no idea about the possible outcomes. The user sees that the only problem with his Outlook profile is that it does not saves the password. In case the Outlook account password is not saved, then user has to delete the existing folder and has to restores the pre-existing folder.
  3. Disfigured profile of Outlook In a situation where Outlook profile gets damaged either due to system crash or due to any other fatal error, there is only one way to get rid of same. To gain the access to Outlook profiles, user has to click Mailin the Control Panel. Once it is accessed, user can create new Outlook profile and password, although user must ensure that problem is dislodged.
  4. Changes in Credential Issues Windows credentials are used to save the frequently used passwords and other sensitive keystrokes that may reveal access to other files. Some Exchange hosts have different domain names for their proxy and real server. This makes the Outlook configuration quite confusing as if which password to select and which to deselect. This confusion extends up to supplying wrong password for the wrong domain.

Thus, knowing about the infamous reasons for not allowing Outlook to save passwords not only saves time but also other resources used in such purpose.
As far as solution to the issue is concerned, it is always better to opt for creating new Outlook profile with new password. Once it is done, user can change the credentials saved in the system settings. This will be helpful in a situation when user fails to remember the Outlook profile password.

The Big question is – How Outlook is accessed?

Outlook contains two types of file formats-OST and PST. If user is willing to consider OST files or PST files and that too without installation of new Outlook profile, then it is practically difficult. However, there are certain third-party tool that perfectly provides access to PST and OST files. The third-party tools have such efficiency. These tool are Kernel PST Viewer and Kernel OST Viewer. These tools are freely available; however, prior downloading user is advised to check the system requirements.

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