Top 5 NSF to PST Converter To Export Lotus Notes Emails

NSF database file is used by IBM Lotus Notes to store a different kind of emails, attachments, documents and all other email information.

Migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook is attributed to various reasons

  • Outlook is cost-effective
  • Outlook allows configuring multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Outlook is more user-friendly

These are the reasons why users tend towards Outlook. Manually this conversion is not possible, so people move towards third-party tools. Now the next step is to choose the best and reliable tool for the required conversion. There are various tools available for the conversion in the market. It is really a tough task to choose the successful software among them. To clear the confusion, we are providing here five best NSF to PST Converters that will help you to compare among them and then you will be able to choose the best utility for you as per your suitability.

Top 5 NSF to PST Converters

These are the top five NSF to PST Converters with full details about them. This will help you to choose the best software for conversion of Lotus Notes files to Outlook email client.

  1. Softaken NSF to PST Converter: NSF to PST Converter is a highly interactive application that easily export NSF files to Outlook and many other formats. You have the flexibility to export some selected folders or complete NSF folder to Outlook. Lotus Notes installation must be necessary to perform the required conversion. The software will give you the local saving option for exported data files. Key features of the software are:
    • Export to multiple formats – NSF to PST, NSF to EML, NSF to EMLX, NSF to MBOX and NSF to MSG.
    • Full preview of NSF files before conversion
    • Selective migration of NSF files or folders
    • Support all versions of Lotus Notes IBM
  2. GainTools NSF to PST Converter: The software is so simple and advance tool for conversion of Lotus Notes files to Outlook. The whole migration process is executed with full accuracy without any loss of any files. The software will provide you deep filtration assistance. With the help of filter, you are free to manually search particular NSF file to convert it into a required file format. Key features of the software are:
    • Easy access to Lotus Notes files to Apple Mail, Entourage, WLM, Thunderbird etc.
    • Provides full preview of all NSF files
    • Export NSF to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX and MBOX
    • Maintenance of original properties
  3. Datavare NSF to PST Converter: The software is highly designed with advanced technology to provide you flawless migration of Lotus Notes files to Outlook without any disturbances and any harm to any of the email components. With the help of this application, you can convert targeted NSF files to PST file. The software manages and scans every folder deliberately to MS Outlook. Key features of the software are:
    • Easily handle any size NSF file
    • Show entire preview of files, which are ready for conversion
    • Facility to remove unwanted data files
    • Easy configuration and installation
  4. Mailvare NSF to PST Converter: This is a free for conversion of NSF files to Outlook. The software is highly tested for quality migration so it will not trouble you during the entire process. The software is helpful in preserving all meta properties and integrity of data files. With the help of wonderful NSF to PST Converter, you are free to transfer any size NSF files without any damage. Key features of the software are:
    • Simple loading of NSF files to wizard
    • 3-4 steps of conversion
    • Simple and easy to understand tool
    • Full control on NSF file to PST
    • Best quality migration with full care
    • Full maintenance of folder structure
  5. Softknoll NSF to PST Converter: The software is self-explanatory and will guide you entirely to export Lotus Notes files to Outlook email client. The software instantly scans all NSF files and export them quickly to Outlook with few steps, once you load NSF files to the software screen. The software is highly capable to export NSF files to various formats such as MBOX, PST, EML, MSG etc. Key features of the software are:
    • Desirable conversion of NSF files to PST and other formats
    • One by one conversion of NSF files for smooth and quality results
    • Allow saving to a targeted location
    • No chances of loss of information

Associated benefits to the software

  • IBM Lotus Notes installation necessary
  • Free trial of NSF to PST
  • No internet connection needed
  • All-time free upgrades on paid versions
  • All Outlook versions are supported
  • Great compatibility with all Windows editions

Final Thoughts

Above-mentioned tools are highly tested by the companies to render you a top solution for migration of Lotus Notes files to Outlook. I have tested all the above tools and it is my personal experience that all the above tools render you safe and secure conversion.

You have the freedom to use any of the software as per your suitability. You can run these software’s on any Windows operating system.

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