Learning About The Various Steps For Converting MBOX To PST Manually

The tremendous advances in technology have ensured that users have a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting the most beneficial e-mail client. However, many times users face problem while extracting information form one e-mail client through another e-mail client. The most common example of this is when MBOX users try to access their mail through MS Outlook. The internet offers various MBOX to PST converter tools and software designed for ensuring hassle free cross platform communication. However, irrespective of the efficiency and speed offered by these tools, users might feel the need to carry out the task manually. Listed below are the necessary steps that users need to perform in both MBOX and MS Outlook to complete the process in a successful manner.

Steps To Follow In MBOX

Before manually starting the MBOX to PST converter process, users need to download and install an e-mail client that supports the import/export function. Once this has been done, the below mentioned steps need to be followed.

  • Start the Apple mail application
  • Click the File tab and choose Import Mailboxes option
  • In the “Import Data From” window, select the Other option and then click Continue
  • Next, select the Choose option, and then select the entire set of MBOX files that need to be exported
  • Next click on Continue
  • Navigate back to Apple Mail

The above steps complete the process of storing the MBOX files to be imported at the Import Panel.

Steps To Follow In MS Outlook

To complete process of converting MBOX files to PST manually, the following steps need to be performed in Outlook.

  • Change the name of the MBOX file to “filename.mbx”
  • Move this file to new location in the newly installed e-mail client
  • Start the new e-mail client and double click the MBOX file
  • Close the e-mail client
  • Next start Outlook Express
  • Click File -> Import -> Messages
  • Under the messages option click the newly installed e-mail client
  • Click Next
  • Browse for the MBOX file
  • Then click OK -> Next -> Next -> Finish
  • Start MS Outlook
  • Click File -> Open -> Import -> Import Internet Mail and Addresses -> Next
  • Check the Import Mail checkbox
  • From the options displayed select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail
  • Click Next

Once the process is complete, the imported MBOX e-mail is available in the personal folder of Outlook. However, it is important to understand that the process requires patience and time as importing too many MBOX files at once might cause the process to fail or even lead to erratic conversions.

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