The Best Ways to Fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment Issues

The Best Ways to Fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment Issues

The Outlook application consists multiple account from the different mail servers like Exchange, Microsoft 365, IMAP, SMTP, POP etc. and each of the account performs the email

Top 5 PST Repair tools recommended to every Professional

The technical issues with Outlook are not new to any user; however, seeking and implementing the best resolution to fix such issues is rare. The strategy to fix Outlook PST issues roots from inbuilt solution – Inbox Repair Tool and reaches up to single click resolution. There are some issues which can be fixed with […]

Enable "Send to Mail Recipient" Option in Excel and Word 2016

Enable “Send to Mail Recipient” Option in Excel and Word 2016

With the availability of more often used processes as icons on our toolbar has not only saved our time but also made the task much easier. But when it comes to sending a particular file of MS Excel or Word on which you are working, we don’t have “Send to Mail Recipient” option available on […]

How to delete OST files which are corrupted?

How to delete OST files which are corrupted?

There is a situation experienced by several Outlook users when some of the OST files become corrupted and even repair tools also declared them irreparable. Also at times user himself does not want to repair that corrupted OST file and hence is looking for the way to permanently delete OST files. This article describes the […]

How to resolve the inability problem to delete apps in iPhone or iPad?

Users of iPhone or iPad experience a common problem when they cannot delete applications which one want to. On tapping and holding the screen to delete a particular app, an ‘X’ sign which represents to delete does not appear in the upper left corner of icon as it usually does. Various reasons are there because […]

Easily Locate OST File in Your System

Easily Locate OST File in Your System

Users are well versed with offline Outlook data files which are abbreviated as OST files. These files save the work which we do when we are offline. As soon as the system gets connected to Exchange Server, whole of the work is synced automatically with Outlook. Now most of the time users search for OST […]

Glimpse of New Android – Marshmallow

As Google has already released its new version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Android ‘M’), folks are going crazy to know much more about it and what all are exceptional features that will be provided by this new version. This knowledge has been shared to answer such questions and describes briefly about features of it.

Windows 10 Pros and Cons – Are you ready to upgrade?

Noticed that little Windows logo appearing at the right bottom of your computer screen? Welcome to the new world of Windows with Windows 10 being launched by Microsoft on 29th July. Nearly 40 million users have already upgraded to Windows 10. This figure and a number of advertisements showing various new features in Windows 10, […]

Troubleshoot Network and Internet Related Issues in Windows 7

Are you facing problems related to Internet or Network connectivity? Then it will be wise for you to avail the unique troubleshooting wizard feature of Windows 7 to get rid of this situation in an effective way. This feature can be easily used by an individual who is even new to computers. So let’s have […]