Glimpse of New Android – Marshmallow

As Google has already released its new version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Android ‘M’), folks are going crazy to know much more about it and what all are exceptional features that will be provided by this new version. This knowledge has been shared to answer such questions and describes briefly about features of it.

USB Type-C Reverse Charging:

USB Type-C charging is truly fast. It is capable of charging Nexus 6P in just two hours which is very less when you compare it to conventional charging. The future proofed type-C cables are reversible which refrain you from fumbling around the cable in the dark. Also, with USB Power Delivery specification Marshmallow device can reverse-charge other devices.

Adaptable storage:

With Marshmallow, microSD card can be treated as your internal storage device just like your phone storage by formatting it to a particular device. This enables full-fledged support to microSD expansion.

Android Pay:

Marshmallow allows you to keep your payments at your hands by this Android Pay app just like Apple Pay. You can add your credit or debit card details and then pay wirelessly for any purchase securely. It uses virtual account number rather than yours original one making it more secure.

Integration with Google:

When you long press the home button from any screen you will now activate Google Now on Tap. It is one feature which let you to search for any additional contextual information from anywhere. This is like giving information about any person, place, opinion etc that you were reading. Also with customized Google Chrome tabs available you can now browse seamless as you don’t have to switch applications while browsing the web.

UI Tuner:

System UI Tuner is available at the bottom of setting menu. It basically let you see, what you want to see. You can add battery percentage indicator to battery icon, change the quick settings etc with this tuner and customize the status bar according to your need.


Doze will control all your apps and their functioning. So till you handset does not start moving again, it will turn off you WiFi, syncs etc which in turn saves your battery efficiently.

Fingerprint Scanning and Voice API:

Fingerprint Scanning is available in Marshmallow which makes it easy as you don’t need to type passwords to access your device. You can also use fingerprint sensor for few third party-apps also like Evernote or to make any purchase. With Voice API you don’t need any assistant as anything you want say to it and it will give the desired results.

Personalized lock screen message:

A new textbox appears just under the lock screen time which displays your personalised message. This could be used to make it more personal by adding your name or any quote etc.

Storage Manager:

You don’t need to download any kind of other app which shows the status of your RAM usage as Marshmallow makes it to see which apps are using the most RAM. It also shows users how much storage space has been used by them and a breakdown of it.

App Drawer:

Looking for applications is easy and simpler now with Marshmallow device. Scroll down vertically in the applications menu rather than scrolling sideways. Search box is also available at the top of it to type a few letters of the app you are looking for.

Permission System:

With the new permission system available under Marshmallow you can control the access of your critical information by any app. You no need to share all your details while downloading any app as now android will ask to user your camera only for once. You can easily find out what apps are using you camera, accessing location, contacts and other details.

On the other hand, the ability to launch camera by double-tap of the power button is unreliable as it puts the device to sleep state quite often. At the end, we can say that Marshmallow is refinement of Lollipop version. It has improved a lot from its predecessor in terms of battery life, customization, performance, app managing, security etc. but it is not perfect. It makes android easier to use than ever before.

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