Avoid 10 things that can slow your Android smartphone

People bought the gorgeous brand of smartphones with a lot of price but still slow for a few days! You do not end up with this phone but it is worse than that.

It’s been a half-a-dozen times that customers have gone to the care, but if you have to buy a phone in the customer care after day, then what is the benefit of buying expensive phones? Think of so many apps on the phone, actually all the fake? The problem may also be due to your phone usage. So know every day the effects of your smartphone are slow becoming the smartphone.

  1. Many people do not use external memory cards until the memory of the mobile phone gets green. This has an impact on mobile performance. As far as the empty space in the internal memory will look, the mobile will remain as slow as possible. So the memory card should be used since the beginning.
  2. Many do not shut down or reboot the phone for a long time without need. But for the phone’s cash clearance, the phone should shut down or reboot at least once a week.
  3. Many people use the phone with wet hands knowing that if the water is damaged, then the phone will be damaged. This can cause serious damage to the phone. Especially the phone should not have to touch the water in the home button.
  4. Try not to use live wallpaper as much as possible! You know the live wallpaper enhances the beauty of the mobile phone. But perhaps it does not know that Live Wallpaper reduces the performance of mobile phones! Because the power of the phone is required because of live wallpaper animation. So if you are using live wallpaper then you can stop the live wallpaper by using a little mind. Try to stay content with any kind of normal wallpaper. This will save both your Android speed and battery.
  5. Most of the Smartphone makers, the Android operating system is customizable themselves. This change seems to be quite beneficial to anyone, but this makes the phone slow down. And if you want to get rid of this problem, you can try an App Launcher. This will remove the custom features of your phone and the phone will be quite dynamic. The Nova launcher works quite well in this case.
  6. Be careful before installing any app. This may be the reason for the virus attack on your phone. Once the virus enters the virus, read the problem.
  7. If you have an official firmware for your phone, you can install it. Because in most cases this method works very well. You can do this in both ways. First, check out the phone’s Settings > System > About > Software Updates and see if there is any updates. Or you can update your firmware with a PC suite by connecting your phone to your computer. But before updating, keep all important data backups on the phone.
  8. Depending on any app running, you can store several cache files. If not cleaned for a long time, the amount of these can go a lot. Which will reduce the performance of your phone. And so regularly these files should be deleted. To do this, you have to go to Settings> Apps and select the cache file that you want to delete and click on the ‘Clear cache’ button. And if you want to delete all the app cache together, you can use the ‘App Cache Cleaner’ app.
  9. Good quality an antivirus application can be used. Smartphones can be slow due to viruses and malware.
  10. Many of the software is not allowed to install software, forcing many people to try to install those software on a smartphone. This causes fear of serious damage to the phone.

Most important – always avoid unnecessary apps.

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