Start your computer in safe mode

The recovery software recovers all photos, videos, songs and any file present in the computer which has been lost due to crashing of the operating system.

  • Recovers the files due to damaging or crashing of hard disk
  • Recovers the photos , videos from the formatting disk/drive
  • Restores file from external/internal storage devices
  • Creates an image or a clone as a backup procedure

File systems used by Windows Operating system and their handling capacity

System file and their drive size

FAT 16 – 2GB, FAT 32 – 2TB

Reasons for failure of the Operating System

It affects due to the unpredicted damage of the Windows critical files. All can copy all the required data onto a different drive altogether, perform formatting and reinstall the operating system. If backup of data is not taken then it is lost due to hard drives various sectors and tracks.

Disk level failure

Causes can be assigned due to corrupted or damaging file system,a partitioned disk scrutinize untedious to read by the operating system, or a failing storage method.

Software features

  • Restoring the files from the external/internal storage devices
  • Restores the files lost due to damaging/deleting hard disk partitions
  • Restoring the files from the corrupting drives
  • Recovering the files from CD, DVD and even blue ray discs
  • Creates an image or a clone as a backup procedure

Software requirements

Windows Operating System, Windows XP, 7, 8

Supporting file system includes FAT 32, FAT 16 , NTFS , NTFS5

Software Solutions

The software creates partitions on the drive and uses one of the drives as a backup medium. Keep the partition of the drive according to the limits mentioned above. The file system can be mentioned at the time of installation of the OS and later not allowed.

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