Best Tips & Tricks To Import MBOX Files Into Outlook

In the 21st century, email applications are an important part of every firm. And each and every one is using a different type of email application for professional and personal use. For every operating system we have different types of email clients. And this is very confusing. As we need to deal with a bunch of email applications due to this. Some of the popular ones are Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Earth Mail, Poco Mail and so on. And they all have different types of storage files. And if you are looking to export some data from one email client to other then you need to convert your files, to the format which later accepts. Continue reading “Best Tips & Tricks To Import MBOX Files Into Outlook”

Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017

If you’re just entering the iPhone club with your latest iPhone 8 purchase, you must have one common question in your mind i.e. “What apps to download?” Well, there are over 1.5 million iPhone apps out there and picking the ones you need may turn out to be quite a tedious task. However, if you are interested in finding out which apps you should download right away, we can guide you on that. Continue reading “Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017”

Complete Guide on Hard Drive Data Recovery

Businesses today run virtually ‘paperless’ offices – they digitally store all the information in their computers. This has streamlined their operations and facilitated effective decision making and also provided easy access of information to all personnel all the time. However, like all things in the world, digitally storing the information has it’s own downsides. No matter how sophisticated your storage device, it like all machines, could fail at one point or the other. Continue reading “Complete Guide on Hard Drive Data Recovery”

Retrieve Your Hard Disk Data in A Smart Way

Data is the most precious entity in today’s day and age. Most people around the globe prefer to save their data safely into their machine’s hard drives which provide them an easy access anytime they desire. The data may include videos, images, documents, as well as files that might seem necessary to the user. It is the only true source to relive our memories and hence must be kept safe and secured, but data loss is a common phenomenon encounter by most of us. Continue reading “Retrieve Your Hard Disk Data in A Smart Way”

Top 5 PST Repair tools recommended to every Professional

The technical issues with Outlook are not new to any user; however, seeking and implementing the best resolution to fix such issues is rare. The strategy to fix Outlook PST issues roots from inbuilt solution – Inbox Repair Tool and reaches up to single click resolution. There are some issues which can be fixed with Inbox Repair solution, but some technically stringent cases are to be dealt with third-party solutions. Continue reading “Top 5 PST Repair tools recommended to every Professional”

Top Key Reasons or Mistakes Responsible for Inaccessibility of Saved Outlook Passwords

Users often get crunch between situations when they have not saved the Outlook password and therefore, face the issue of retyping the password again and again. Sometimes due to work pressure, user forgets the required password and even after number of trials, the access to Outlook is denied. But, you would find it quite strange that an individual is not every time responsible for missing the required passwords. Sometimes there are other reasons that simply makes user worry about missing password. Continue reading “Top Key Reasons or Mistakes Responsible for Inaccessibility of Saved Outlook Passwords”

Enable “Send to Mail Recipient” Option in Excel and Word 2016

With the availability of more often used processes as icons on our toolbar has not only saved our time but also made the task much easier. But when it comes to sending a particular file of MS Excel or Word on which you are working, we don’t have “Send to Mail Recipient” option available on quickly access toolbar. However, by customising this quickly access toolbar we can enable the “Send to Mail Recipient” option in order to quickly mail the documents. Continue reading “Enable “Send to Mail Recipient” Option in Excel and Word 2016″

How to delete OST files which are corrupted?

There is a situation experienced by several Outlook users when some of the OST files become corrupted and even repair tools also declared them irreparable. Also at times user himself does not want to repair that corrupted OST file and hence is looking for the way to permanently delete OST files. This article describes the steps to be followed to permanently delete OST files which are corrupted. Here are the steps: Continue reading “How to delete OST files which are corrupted?”

How to resolve the inability problem to delete apps in iPhone or iPad?

Users of iPhone or iPad experience a common problem when they cannot delete applications which one want to. On tapping and holding the screen to delete a particular app, an ‘X’ sign which represents to delete does not appear in the upper left corner of icon as it usually does. Various reasons are there because of which such problem occurs. Take a look on following resolutions and get away with deleting apps problem. Continue reading “How to resolve the inability problem to delete apps in iPhone or iPad?”